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Embark on a thrilling journey through the historic Valley of Tears in Texas, a legendary land steeped in tales of endurance and survival. This rugged terrain, once the backdrop of dramatic historical events, now sets the stage for the ultimate test of grit.

In the mid-1800s, this valley echoed with the poignant cries of families torn apart, earning its name from the heart-wrenching separations that occurred here. It was known for its challenging landscape that provided both refuge and trials.




Turkey, Texas


650 (2024)

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Hill's Sport Shop, Amarillo

The Routes

Valley of tears gravel 115 mile route
115 Mile Route
  • 80% Gravel | 92 miles
  • 20% Paved | 23 miles
70 Mile Route
  • 81% Gravel | 62.5 miles
  • 19% Paved | 14.5 miles
44 Mile Route
  • 88% Gravel | 39 miles
  • 12% Paved | 5 miles
  • 115 Mile
  • 70 Mile
  • 44 Mile
Valley of Tears Gravel Start Line with Riders

A Testament To Endurance

As you race through the scenic canyons and alongside the historic Quitaque Peaks, remember the stories etched into this land. The Valley of Tears is not just a route; it's a testament to endurance, a symbol of overcoming adversity, and now, a spectacular arena for the most adventurous of gravel riders. Gear up for an epic ride through history!

Hams barber shop front Turkey Texas

A Historical Adventure

You will traverse these same paths, where every pedal stroke carries the legacy of survival and resilience. The Valley of Tears, with its undulating hills and unpredictable terrain, promises not just a race, but a historical adventure. Riders will battle against the elements, much like the valley's past inhabitants, and emerge stronger, echoing the indomitable spirit of the land.

Our Athletes at Valley of Tears Gravel