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C30+ Energy Gels

Neversecond C30+ caffeinated energy gels are the next evolution of caffeinated energy gels. Most other gels are too thick and too sweet. They are often developed with substandard compositions and with arbitrary carbohydrate values. Neversecond C30+ caffeinated energy gels deliver 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy and 75mg of caffeine gel. They are mild in flavor and thin consistency so can be taken with or without water.


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Delivering the right dose of caffeine for optimal benefit.

Each Neversecond C30+ caffeinated energy gel delivers 30 grams of fast-absoorbing energy and 75mg of caffeine. While most energy gels are thick and too sweet, Neversecond C30+ Energy Gels use a thinner consistency, milder flavor and lower sweetness profile. This makes C30+ Energy Gels easy to consume with or without water during high intensity exercise. Our 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose composition, when compared with other energy sources, delivers very high energy to the muscles with a relatively low risk of stomach problems.

How much caffeine is in each C30+ energy gel?

There is 75mg of caffeine in each Neversecond C30+ Energy Gel.

How often should I take a caffeinated gel?

You should not take more than 1 caffeinated gel per hour. Remember that caffeine can take as long as 45 minutes (on average) to be fully effective.

How long does caffeine take to be effective?

It generally takes 45 minutes for caffeine to be fully effective, so timing is important.

What are the performance benefits of caffeine?

Caffeine improves alertness and concentration, and is proven to prolong fatigue resistance.

Can I take too much caffeine?

Yes you can. As with coffee, too much of any caffeinated product can make you jittery and lightheaded. As reactions to caffeine is quite personalized, be sure to test caffeine intake in training to land on the optimal dose and cadence for you.

“I really love the Neversecond caffeinated energy gels - especially the Cola flavor. I take them straight and also add them to water to make my own custom mixes.”

Sofia Gomez Villafane
2022 Unbound Gravel and Cape Epic Champion

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