C30 Caffeine Gels

Caffeine Energy Gels

Our C30+ caffeinated energy gels are expertly formulated to deliver precisely what endurance athletes need for peak performance. High-performance energy gels with the same attributes as our C30 gels, our C30+ Energy Gels deliver an extra 75mg dose of caffeine per gel.

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I really love the Neversecond Caffeine Gels! - the 75mg gives me a nice boost! Cola and the new Berry are my favorites!

Fred Wright
Team Bahrain Victorious Cycling

Delivering the right dose of caffeine for optimal benefit

Caffeine is proven in multiple studies to improve exercise performance. Other caffeine gels often contain suboptimal caffeine levels. Some contain too little to be effective. Others contain too much caffeine which can cause you to feel lightheaded and jittery. Our C30+ Energy Gels contain 75mg of caffeine per gel which is the right amount to be effective when taken properly. We recommend no more than 1 caffeinated energy gel per hour.

How Neversecond caffeinated gels differ from others

Other energy gels with caffeine are developed as a standalone product. Since C30+ Energy Gels are systematically formulated with 30 grams of carbohydrate per gel and 2:1 glucose-to-fructose carbohydrate composition, they can be mixed and matched with any of our other C-Series fueling products including our fuel & hydration mixes and energy bars. We created our C-Series products as a system that is intended to work together to deliver optimal results with minimal opportunity for GI problems.

When to use caffeine gels during your race

During races or intense training sessions, caffeinated gels can play an important role in performance by increasing alertness, reducing fatigue and pain sensation. But caffeine sensitivity varies widely from athlete-to-athlete, so testing is important. Whether you are taking energy gels for cycling, running or a triathlon, it is critical to test your intake and to develop a protocol that works best for you.

How much caffeine is in each C30+ energy gel?

There is 75mg of caffeine in each Neversecond C30+ Energy Gel. This is the right level to be efficacious when taking multiple caffeine gels in a race or training session.

How often should I take a caffeinated gel?

You should not take more than 1 caffeinated gel per hour. Remember that caffeine can take as long as 45 minutes (on average) to be fully effective. We do not recommend more than 1 C30+ Energy Gel per hour and no more than 5 caffeine gels per day. It is also important to note that you should take caffeine more than 1 hour before the end of your race to allow time for it to be effective and for you to benefit from it.

How long does caffeine take to be effective?

It generally takes 45 minutes for caffeine to be fully effective, so intake timing is important. Taking caffeine too late in a race is very common, so we recommend taking a final dose no less than 1 hour before the end of your race to be sure it is effective and that you can benefit from it.

What are the performance benefits of caffeine gels?

In multiple studies, caffeine is shown to improve alertness and concentration, and is proven to reduce the sensations of fatigue and pain. Perfect for those moments of fuel and performance improvement.

Can I take too much caffeine?

Yes you can. As with coffee, too much of any caffeine gel can make you jittery and lightheaded. As caffeine sensitivity varies greatly athlete-to-athlete, be sure to test caffeine intake in training to confirm the optimal dosing strategy for you!

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