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Our C30 and C30+ caffeinated gels are the next evolution in energy gels. Most energy gels are thick and overly sweet, making them hard to consume at high intensity. C30 Energy Gels have a thinner consistency, so they can easily be taken with or without water. All C30 and C30+ Energy Gels are tested and certified free of banned substances by Informed Sport.


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The next evolution of performance energy gels.

Energy gels have been around since the mid 1990s. Unfortunately, they have not changed much - until now. Neversecond's C30 Energy Gels are more of a thick liquid than a gel. Mild in flavor with a low sweetness profile, C30 Energy Gels deliver 30g of fast-absorbing energy using 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose carbohydrate blend. Each gel contains 200mg of sodium to help with fluid delivery and retention. Each C30 Gel delivers 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy by 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose. This composition has been extensively tested and proven to deliver very high energy rates with very low potential for gastrointestinal distress. C30 Energy Gels have a mild flavor profile and are less sweet, reducing risk of gastrointestinal distress.

How are Neversecond Energy Gels different than other gels?

C30 Energy Gels are a 2:1 energy gel. They deliver 30g of fast-absorbing energy with a lower risk of stomach problems when compared with other gels. You can take C30 Energy Gels with or without water. They are also not sickly sweet like most other gels on the market.

What is the energy source of C30 Energy Gels?

C30 Energy Gels use 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose as the carbohydrate source. This delivers very high energy with a greatly reduced risk of GI problems when compared with other gels.

Are there electrolytes in C30 Energy Gels?

There are 200mg of sodium in each energy gel. This helps deliver and retain fluid.

Why are C30 Energy Gels larger than other energy gels?

C30 Energy Gels are larger as they are an isotonic gel. Unlike many other gels, C30 gels can be taken with or without water. Isotonic gels absorb faster than traditional gels and are less likely to cause stomach problems.

Are C30 Energy Gels natural?

C30 Energy Gels are as natural as any other energy gels. That is to say - all energy gels are processed. The processing allows them to absorb easily.

"Neversecond energy gels have made a huge difference for me. I have been able to avoid energy crashes whcih gave me some problems before. Citrus and Berry flavors are just the best!"

Joseph Gray
Multiple Mountain Running World Champion

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All Neversecond products are rigorously tested and certified free of banned substances by Informed Sport.

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