500 strong and counting.

Launched in the beginning of 2022, our Ambassador Program is a 500-member community of amateur endurance athletes of all abilities from every corner of the globe.

Thank you for applying! In order to give each applicant the highest level of attention, we may take as long as 2 months to get back to you. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at hello@never2.com. Thank you for your patience!

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How many athletes are in the program?

There are 500 athletes currently in the program. 60% are from the US and 40% are from Europe and UK. We work with all endurance athletes.

Is this program only for "serious" athletes?

No. Our Ambassador Program is a very diverse program designed to foster community and learning. We have everyone from top Ironman athletes to first-time marathoners in the program.

How long does it take to hear back once I apply?

We review applications constantly, however it can take as little as 1 week and as long as 2 months to hear back from us.

what do you require from athletes in the program?

The Ambassador Program is a non-binding voluntary program. We encourage our community to share their stories on social and to talk their real life experiences using Neversecond products. Product reviews are always encouraged. We also encourage that Ambassadors use the affiliate copy
"fueled by never.second" in their Instagram bio.

I think I should be in the Privateer Program. Does applying into the Ambassador Program hurt my chances?

Applying into the Ambassador Program absolutely does not hurt your chances of being accepted into the Privateer Program. It actually helps since Ambassadors are "in our system." this allows you to see what's new and coming up, and allows us to chance to know you better.

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Have an idea that you'd like to run by us? Drop us an email at hello@never2.com! Don't forget to tell us your name and phone number so that we can reach you!

Driven by Science.

We use only evidence-based research and studies to develop our products.

What's on the label is what's in it.

No unnecessary ingredients. No syrupy flavors. No magic ingredients. No birthday cake bars.

Trust but verify.

All Neversecond products are rigorously tested and certified free of banned substances by Informed Sport.

We test exhaustively.

We test new products rigorously in our performance lab and in the field with athletes.