Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Neversecond™ C-SERIES products unique?

Our C-SERIES products are formulated exclusively for endurance athletes. The “C” refers to carbohydrate.

What do the designations “C30,” “C60” and “C90” mean on C-SERIES products?

All Neversecond™ products are formulated using 30-gram increments of carbohydrate. A C30 product contains 30 grams of carbohydrate. A C60 product contains 60 grams. A C90 product contains 90 grams.

Why do Neversecond™ products use 30-gram carbohydrate increments?

Neversecond™ products use 30-gram carbohydrate increments so that endurance athletes have a precise value to help them plan, test and perfect their performance nutrition. Other competitive products use arbitrary values that leave the athlete guessing how any products they need to consume during a training session or race.

What do the dots indicate on Neversecond™ products?

The dots on all Neversecond™ products correlate with the “C” (carbohydrate) value. One dot = C30. Two dots = C60. Three dots = C90. The purpose of the n2 dots is to allow athletes to easily recognize the carbohydrate value of the product they are consuming.

What is AJ-21 complex?

All Neversecond™ C-SERIES products use AJ-21 carb complex. This special complex utilizes a 2:1 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose. Asker Jeukendrup, chief scientific officer at Neversecond™, discovered this complex which allows athletes to consume higher carbohydrate value with reduced risk of gastric upset.

C30 Energy Gel

What is an energy gel?

An energy gel is a semi-solid, highly concentrated carbohydrate product. Essentially it is a compact form of energy.

Do you consume energy gels with water?

You can consume our energy gels with or without water. On warmer days, you should consume more water to replace water lost through sweat.

Why is the texture of Neversecond™ gels different than other gels?

Neversecond™ energy gels have a thinner viscosity than most gels, making them easier to consume on the go. Our gels also contain 30 grams of carbohydrate which is higher than most competitive gels.

C30 Sports Drink

What is a sports drink?

A sports drink is a carbohydrate-based electrolyte drink that is designed to both hydrate and deliver fuel.

How does a sports drink compare with water?

A sports drink contains carbohydrate for fuel and sodium to help fluid absorption. Water only helps with hydration.

What makes Neversecond™ sports drinks special?

Neversecond™ sports drink uses AJ-21 carb complex. It also has a very mild flavor and is isotonic for rapid gastric emptying. Our sports drinks do not contain any artificial colors or flavors.


Why do some Neversecond™ products contain caffeine?

Caffeine is clinically proven to enhance athletic performance when consumed correctly. We recommend testing caffeine consumption in order to optimize the right level for you.

Why does Neversecond™ use 75mg of caffeine in caffeinated products?

Some Neversecond™ products are formulated with 75mg of caffeine. This value was selected after careful consideration. 75mg is the “gold standard” as it provides enough of a dose to be effective, yet low enough to reduce the incidence of overconsumption.

How do I know if a Neversecond™ product contains caffeine?

All Neversecond™ caffeinated products are clearly marked with the caffeine content. The “c-value” is also followed by a “+” symbol. As example, C30 is non-caffeinated; C30+ is caffeinated.


Are Neversecond™ products suitable for vegans?

All C-SERIES products are suitable for vegans. Most of our P-SERIES products contain whey, and so are not suitable for vegans.

Are Neversecond™ products gluten-free?

Some Neversecond™ products are gluten-free. Products that are gluten-free are marked as “gluten-free.”