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Not All Carbs are the Equal

In this article we explore the differences between different types of carbohydrates including fast and slow carbs.

What are Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates?

Using the right combination of carbohydrates can improve energy delivery to the muscle.

How Much Protein do Athletes Need?

Is more protein always better?

Breakfast on Race Day

Eating the right foods and practicing your breakfast routine can help you be confident on your big day.

Drinks, Gels, Bars or "Real Food?" What Should I Use?

In this article, we compare the different types of carbohydrate sources so you can decide what works best for you!

How Should I Take Caffeine?

Caffeine can help to improve endurance performance, but what is the best way to take it?

10 Ways to Avoid Gastrointestinal Problems

Not all GI problems are avoidable, but taking these 10 steps will minimize your chances of developing them.

What Should I Eat on the Morning of a Race?

Breakfast on race day (and also before big training days) is important. Getting it right means you will be well-fueled at the start, getting it wrong can mean that you...